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Child Care Afrika-Entwicklungshilfe is an association dedicated to development aid in the poorest regions of Africa. Our focus is on the long-term supply of the locals with water, education and medicine.


We at Child Care Africa believe that escape and misery must not be without alternatives and that only smugglers benefit from the current approach. That is why we have decided to be the very alternative that we and many others would like to see together in this world.

That was also the motivation of the new board when one of them ventured on an adventure to Africa in order to look for a way into the future together with the local population. Four years and several conversations later, he won over a large number of villages in the regions he was in, built three schools, equipped them with staff and countless other projects are in the pipeline.

One of the most important of these projects, or the project that is most important to us, is the establishment of preschools in the rural regions of Morocco. Morocco is the gateway to Europe. Which is why a stabilization of this country would be a decisive step to stop the mass immigration, which is often fueled by a lack of education. Decisive for this is the establishment of preschools because the state language of Morocco is Arabic, which differs from classical Arabic. French is the second official language and lingua franca (this means that official contracts can be concluded in either French or Arabic, i.e. in two different languages and characters). In addition, 40% of the population speak various Berber dialects. Only Arabic and French are taught in the schools in the Berber regions, which makes preliminary training and therefore pre-schools essential. But it is precisely these that are not available in the poor rural Berber regions, which makes it difficult for thousands of children to access education.

We find this unfair and have therefore started to build these urgently needed educational institutions together with the village communities. Or rather, we help with material and know-how to enable the village communities to become active themselves. As a result, acceptance for our projects and initiative has increased immensely. Because the community is fully responsible and the administration and training are handed over to the villagers as quickly as possible, a positive atmosphere is created. People realize that they are masters of their own destiny and that with a little help and hard work one can create a lot of good for future generations. We call this becoming pro-active, and alongside the three pillars of development aid (education, medical care and basic care) on which we rely, it is an essential part of our concept. We think that people in need benefit more from trusting their maturity instead of denying them any independence.

Another project that is very important to us is supplying agriculture with water. Because Africa is home to two huge deserts, the Sahara and the Kalahari. In these areas, despite the lack of or inadequate water supply, agriculture and livestock farming are the main sources of income for the population. In the Kalahari water is z. B. only found at depths of up to 350 m. Building such a well is not financially viable for a village. To counteract this, we promote the development of technologies that make use of the moisture in the environment to extract water. A breakthrough in this area could not only help the people of the third world but would also counteract the impending global water shortage and would be a win for us all. Research and development must not only benefit the top 5%. Help us bring the wonders of modernity to where they are really needed!

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